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Enabling the Insight of “Where”

Location Fusion

Bring together location sensory information from any modal onto a single platform and create a single journey of the subject. Harmonize this with insight from operations and experience to gain actionable insight like never before

Location Fusion Science

Every location sensor works on its own merits and deployed where it suits the environment.  But an environment could deploy a variety of sensors best suited to the specific areas of the environment.  Dealing with the information collected from these sensors and merging it into a single account of information poses a challenge.

Sierra Sentinel is a platform to fuse this sensory information – It is neutral to any sensor and any environment.  By doing so, information is fused to provide unparalleled access to key information.  The answer to the question: Where?

Potential Use Cases

Some Use Cases include


  • Productivity – Better utilization of precious resources
  • Safety – Proactively avoid incidents
  • Insight – Combined with operational and experience information to achieve full-blown actionable insights
  • Robotics – Enhancing vision and navigation

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Platform Neutrality

Sierra Sentinel has been designed to be neutral to any type of location sensor.  To-date, the platform has factored available technologies in the areas of Wi-Fi Triangulation, BLE Beacons, Machine Video, Iris Recognition and GPS. 

Call for Collaboration and Joint-Investment

The Sentinel platform is open to pilots across any industry and jointly with complementary platforms.  

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Enhancing Robot Navigation

Robots today reply on computer vision and LiDAR as their eyes to the world. Sentinel will enrich this perspective by providing a wider and boundless level of vision which includes subjects, assets and objects.