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Enriching the SAP Model Hospital

SAP Model Hospital

The SAP Model Hospital is the perfect fit for an imperfect world.  With hospital organizations under pressure to deliver better patient experience in the face of growing competition, rising overheads and gradual lack of talent.  Sierra’s components are delivered on the SAP platform – Reducing cost and risks while addressing key requirements


The Chemotherapy departmental solution is an end-to-end process to manage the Chemotherapy process including treatment planning, follow-up, pharmacy preparation, documentation of the sessions and medication administration records.

  • Cytostatic drug management
  • User-defined treatment protocols
  • Treatment cycle definition
  • Careplan overview
  • Patient profile embedment 
  • Forms including the diagnosis and discharge summary

Blood Bank

The Blood Bank solution is an end-to-end process to manage the blood request to transfusion process including integration to the Blood Bank Information System.


  • Blood requests with priority and automated based on the procedure
  • Auto generation of blood tests with integration to the Laboratory Information System
  • Charting components to monitor status of requests and transfusions
  • Blood bag management covering all logistical aspects including reservations and returns as well as integration to billing
  • Ready integration to blood bank information system

All components can be further enhanced to suit 

Deployment & Support

These add-ons are available globally subject to limited language options.  Sierra does not implement end-to-end projects.  Instead, knowledge and guidance will be imparted to the implementation team.  This also includes readied Blueprints and Test documentation in the same approach as the SAP Model Hospital.



  • Support is provided during the implementation on an ad-hoc basis and on an annual basis via software maintenance
  • A minimum 3-year maintenance period is required
  • Coverage is based on the working hours (8×5) of the Central European time zone and covers any software bugs from our delivered work product
  • An End User License Agreement with the user organization is required

All Sierra components are delivered with peace of mind

Delivery Criteria

The components are compliant to the SAP Business Suite ECC6 platform.  Typically the base enhancement package 8 should be in place.

Further enhancements are allowed on the top of our delivered components and should be delivered by the implementation team.