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Digital Presence – Your Journey Starts Here

Digital Presence

Your digital presence can take on a life of its own.  While being Visually Stunning and Wildly Engaging


Where do we begin?  Not at the beginning…

You have something to say, sell or evangelize.  We get it and we hear you.  But we’re not going to have you start at the beginning – Speed is everything.  You can count on us to leverage our experience to give you quick answers to your problems…and to point out problems that you will have not encountered yet.

Nothing is perfect but it still needs to come together

Yup, the secret is out – Nothing is perfect.  Systems don’t always like talking to each other.  Technologies get displaced on a haphazard basis.  Costs can start to mount.  Your customers want something new, fast and fresh.  How do we deal with this?  Our philosophy is to embrace this imperfection and to apply what works – and where needed, to make it work no matter what.


  • Process-driven and not just beauty-driven
  • No comfort zone – We will always research better ways and bring it together
  • Never sideline regulations – Whether it’s the PDPA or just simply strong moral ethics, data should be respected always
  • Cross-channel communication – Market to your customers through hi-tech or lo-tech channels, whatever that it most effective to get your message out there in the most effective form
  • Keeping a lid on costs – Your business needs to strive and we’re here to be your partner for the long haul

Let Sierra guide you on your digital journey

Case Studies

  • Baby Steps: Web presence with Micosoft Office productivity.  Modernisation of the company logo, collaterals and digital engagement
  • Strategy: Marketing Campaign, Customer enrollment, Cross-Channel mediums
  • Online/Onsite: Building community interest, e-invites, fast entry onsite, tracking and understanding foot traffic patterns, participant behavourial analysis
  • Rethink: Optimising age-old processes through IoT, community engagement, cost-benefit, Video Analytics and Edge Computing