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Secure your business and digital assets


We combine the technical aspects with the control of human behavior because let’s face it, people are the weakest link

Holistic Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become mandatory and spend towards it has increased significantly.  Likewise, talent is in shortage.  But is cybersecurity all about penetration testing and spear phishing? Applications and digital assets require protection too as this is intellectual property which is of a higher worth to your business.

Get the Strategy Right

We prefer to begin with a strategy for our customers around cybersecurity – understanding your business, digital assets and processes.  

Access to qualified cybersecurity talent is assured including CREST-accredited seasoned professionals from our partners guided by our team leaders.  This approach is to maintain a holistic delivery without isoloating cybersecurity to only the technical landscape.

The strategy build consists of the following


  • What are the key assets and why should they be secured?
  • Are there security mechanisms which can be leveraged at the application or asset level?
  • Is Intellectual Property identifiable?
  • What is the potential loss?  
  • What is the level of traceability and accountability?
  • Do employees require a change in mindset?
  • Are there better safeguarding options?
  • How can cloud-based platforms help?
  • Is the investment towards cybersecurity realistic and justified?

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Employees are the first line of defense because despite best efforts, phishing content can’t be 100% filtered.  The cybersecurity industry doesn’t make guarantees either.  And this forces organizations to do something drastic like internet separation – this potentially restricts the user’s access to critical information at the right time which could then affect lives.  Since there’s no silver bullet, it all comes down to balancing investment into cybersecurity needs along with changing the mindset of employees.