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The Cloud (for the right reasons)

Azure Cloud

The Cloud introduces unparalleled flexibility while giving organizations an asset-lite and feature-rich environment to grow.  

What are your reasons?

Moving to the Cloud shouldn’t be a fashion statement. The right reasons underpinning the migration will yield dividends and avoid remorse. And as your long-term partner, we want to see it from your eyes and step into your shoes in order to help you make this critical decision.

Microsoft Azure

Migrate your on-premise systems to the Cloud:

  • SAP migration to Microsoft Azure cloud
  • AI, Disaster Recovery sites, Infrastructure hosting, Firewall and privileged access, Web Applications, DB backend

Cloud Systems Management

Sierra provides a full range of services to manage your cloud hosting:

  • System architecture and sizing
  • Optimization
  • Cost Management
  • Security
  • Intra and Inter Cloud platform integration
  • API management

Enjoy the Cloud with Sierra

Subscription Fatigue

Oversized and underutilized systems promote wastage which leads to budget creep and ultimately a feeling of subscription fatigue. We help overcome this by offering innovative ways to keep costs reasonable (or at least within expectations). The Cloud isn’t always about cheap – It’s about comprehending the tangible and intangible benefits associated in order to best leverage it.