Project Management

Project leadership is all important in meeting project datelines, objectives and budgets. Sierra provides seasoned veterans to ensure projects are delivered on-time and on-budget. Sierra can also assist in the customer's Change Management program to act as a positive catalyst for change.


At Sierra, all our consultants are Senior-level candidates with strong business and consulting background. Each consultant must complete extensive interviews satisfactorily in the areas of Background, Technical Competence and Business Knowledge prior to joining the company.


To assist in different deployment strategies, Sierra provides flexible methods of engagement. This includes hosting of the customer's infrastructure platform as well as to provide the customer with professional consultants on an ad-hoc basis. In addition, Sierra also provides the option of performing services offsite – Thus allowing customers to reap more savings.


Sierra's range of support services provides instant relief to overworked customer IT departments and in some cases, to act as the customer's single point-of-contact. With multiple touch points, customers can easily get in touch with Sierra and be assured that their ongoing questions and problems will be handled by a team of experts.

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