Meddiff Technologies came into being on April 1, 2007. It took on the challenge of developing medical imaging solutions that offer high accessibility at low costs without compromising on quality. Their advanced teleimaging solutions transmit high quality DICOM images necessary to diagnostic usability at affordable rates and quick time. They are US FDA approved, HIPAA compliant, and conformant to HL7 standards.

By providing groundbreaking medical imaging solutions leverage on the outreach and cost effectiveness of the web and streaming technology, their efficient products, solutions and customer service have received wide acclaim and won many loyal customers globally. The products stand out in the Medical Tele-Imaging market with virtually no competition.

Meddiff Technologies' core team consists of highly qualified and experienced engineers, domain experts, business managers, and product specialists who share a deep understanding of healthcare and its challenges. They are united by a common goal — bringing Tele-Radiology, Tele-Cardiology, Tele-Nuclear Medicine, and Web based PACS (Standalone and as well as SaaS) and other Medical Tele-Imaging Solutions within the reach of hi-tech hospital networks as well as remote and rural medical centers.

Sierra and Meddiff jointly provide customers with an end-to-end solution for healthcare institutions globally, providing assurance in:

  • Quick downloads
  • Accurate and timely diagnosis
  • Communication and Collaboration in real time
  • Reliability
  • Accessibility
  • Patient Information Security
  • Efficient Workflow Management
  • Cost Effectiveness

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