Sierra’s SI unit helps customers put IT together by blending our expertise with a wide network of partners with the market leaders of technology. 


  • Solution research and planning
  • IT strategy and forward planning
  • Development of IT roadmaps

Infrastructure & Software

  • Hardware Implementations
  • Network Design
  • Physical & Structure Cabling
  • Corporate Network Deployment
  • Network Server Design, Installation & Storage Solutions
  • Firewall Implementation & Internet Load-Balancing
  • Thin-Client Technology
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • UNIX, Linux, VMWare
  • Devices Integration
  • Internet Connectivity

Enterprise Security

  • Security Audit and Guidelines
  • Landscape hardening across systems, applications and networks
  • Deploying SIEM, IPS, Firewalls and other threat prevention solutions
  • Penetration testing
  •  Review and redesign of policies including Microsoft Active Directory
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