Sierra Template for SAP Healthcare

Healthcare organisations operate in highly demanding environments.  Even while patient well-being remains paramount, IT has become an integral tool across administrative and clinical functions.  Sierra offers a diverse range of services to meet the unique demands of the industry for both government and private organisations.

SAP Healthcare is a market-leading solution combining solutions from SAP and Cerner in a product suitable for any hospital, large or small. Sierra methodology delivers the project rapidly, effectively and in the most cost-effective way.

Sierra’s Approach to Healthcare

Major healthcare implementations are complex in nature owing to:

•       Long implementation times

•       Requires expert knowledge that can take many years to acquire

•       Healthcare professionals do not have spare time to dedicate to the business blueprint analysis


The Sierra product portfolio was developed from our experience in many projects, in many countries. The main business objective is to:

•       Reduce the cost of implementation

•       Reduce the time to go live

•       Deliver international standards

•       Improve ROI for the project



Sierra Product Portfolio

The healthcare product range is built around the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) with a range of Departmental solutions, extensions, tools and connectors to third-party products


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