Enterprise Security And Identity Management

IT Systems today are designed for use by growing number of internal and external users and sub-systems.  Controlling access to confidential and competitive information is critical alongside with tracking views in addition to conventional system auditing capability. Coupled with the growing threat of hacking incidents, companies must be ready to defend against both known and yet-unknown attacks against their physical and digital assets.

Enterprise Security

Sierra’s team of professionals can help companies with the following across Applications, Operating Systems and Networks:

  • Security Audit and Guidelines
  • Landscape hardening across systems, applications and networks
  • Deploying SIEM, IPS, Firewalls and other threat prevention solutions
  • Penetration testing
  • Review and redesign of policies including Microsoft Active Directory
  • Long-term support
  • Brand agnostic recommendations and consulting – We recommend the solution for the customer’s environment


Identity Management

Sierra’s Identity Management services help you reduce costs, minimize risks and meet regulatory compliance by implementing processes and tools to centralize and streamline the management of users’ access and entitlements within the extended enterprise.

  • Based on SAP’s Identity Management and Single Sign-On solution suite
  • Applicable even for customers who don’t use SAP
  • User Provisioning, Workflow and Identity Federation / Virtualization
  • Integration to SAP GRC for Compliance and Audit analysis & reporting
  • Integration to Sierra’s Iris Recognition solutions for physical / logical security
  • Integration to Microsoft Active Directory


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