Everyone deserves the best care as they get old. In the face of an ageing population, caring for your elderly family members has become common place, but it can be a challenge, especially if the elderly suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

eCareApp connects family members, domestic helpers and professional caregivers together, so that they can share caregiving tasks, support one another and provide better care.

ecareappCaring for your elderly loved ones can be overwhelming,  but you don’t have to face it alone.  

eCareApp creates a private social network around the elderly loved one, connecting their caregivers together so that they can collaborate on tasks, support each other and track the elder’s progress.​

Create your care team by enrolling other family members (even those living overseas), domestic helpers and other caregivers. Assign care tasks and divide the work among your team. Share experiences and outcomes via a private journal.  Get instructions on how to perform care tasks. Review progress. Keep everyone, including the caregivers, healthy by removing the stress.



Available on iOS from the Apple App Store and Android from Google Play

Visit eCareApp website to learn more.

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