Application Management Services

Maintaining your SAP system need not be an expensive and labour-intensive task. Sierra's suite of Application Management Services offerings keeps your users happy and your applications running optimally.

The service covers the entire SAP product suite including Basis, Functional Modules, NetWeaver Components, Localized components as well as Interfaces.

Flexibility of Onsite or Shared Service

  • As an Onsite Service, Sierra deploys consultants to provide a dedicated service for the customer. Each consultant will be competent in the respective SAP subject area and/or language depending on the coverage area
  • As a Shared Service, customers reap maximum savings through economies of scale. Skilled Sierra consultants can be reached via email, phone or the Sierra Support portal. Every issue is tracked and measured against a pre-defined Service Level

Expert Support – Preventive and Remedial Maintenance - Transparency

  • Our Application Management Services consultants are provided with training on call-handling, bug reporting, escalation procedures, maintaining documentation standards and crisis management. The consultants will have access to Sierra's expert resource pool, thus increasing the knowledgebase and experience to tackle the most complex issues
  • Preventive maintenance is critical to maintain optimal system performance and availability. This is why Sierra has adopted stringent daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks and activities to ensure potential problems are detected in advance. High-Availability and Disaster Recovery Systems are tested as well to ensure that the safeguards in place actually work
  • Customers can track the progress of an issue in real time via Sierra’s online support portal

Change Management

  • User requirements are often raised as part of the constant adaptation of the SAP system to meet the dynamic demands of business
  • User requests can be sent across to our team where a report can be produced to show how such requirements can be met, potential conflicts in the system's existing configuration and the effort required to deploy. No requirement is too small
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