Sierra deploys blockchain solution for security in South-East Asia

28 Sep,2017

Sierra developed a custom solution using Blockchain for Security and Access Management, which has been implemented for a leading IT Security System vendor in South-East Asia.

It is used by staff and contractors who work within the premises of their customer's locations.


The system keeps track of access control of each user against their role and monitors user's current location by tracking their movements from one security checkpoint to another. All movements are registered in the system, as part of an immutable chain of blocks by multiple miner nodes.

The system is real time, fast and secure


Solution Highlights

  • Consortium blockchain with open architecture
  • First of its kind in the region
  • Multi-layer blockchain solution
  • APIs to integrate with any front-end application


  • Integration of multiple customer facing applications with secured distributed ledger
  • Highest security standards
  • Zero tolerance to data manipulations
  • Increase in user productivity
  • Secured data sharing and mining

Sierra was selected to develop this solution because of their focus on R&D and new technology plus their ability to develop quickly under agile methodology.


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