Transformational change is now an established fact in most of the world’s utility marketplaces.

Liberalization is making it easier for customers to switch suppliers, pressure on resources is sending prices relentlessly upward, and companies have long-term investment commitments to replace old infrastructure and introduce a new generation of smart systems and meters.

It’s a tough and complex world, and most companies are feeling the pain in specific places:

Billing – Timely and accurate billing based on up-to-the-minute commodity pricing brings about customer loyalty

Operational Efficiency - Keeping costs moving down to enable and protect margins while staying fully competitive including facilities management

Sierra brings together experienced resources and expertise to create a one-stop shop for all aspects of SAP in utilities, from initial consultancy to long-term management. This includes utilities in the area of energy and water.  Our capabilities include:

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Smart Meter Integration
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) encompassing Mobility
  • Data Migration Services
  • Consolidation & Harmonization
  • Enhancements & Accelerators
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