In today's competitive marketplace, manufacturers and distributors must fight to create and maintain a competitive advantage. In order to do so, many companies look to drive costs down, while maintaining product integrity without sacrificing quantity and/or quality.

SAP enables your company to lower operational and engineering costs while improving quality control on job-related and production-based orders. SAP tracks product routing steps, job process scheduling, and job costs, with all labor overhead, outside services, and materials used.

SAP further allows users to create production orders right from a sales order screen. Purchase orders & outside service requisitions can also be automatically created during this process, allowing your company to better set and meet delivery dates and customer expectations.

With the above in mind, SAP offers real-time access to critical business information so you can make better informed decisions that move your company forward enabling growth, efficiency & profitability.

Sierra’s experience includes the following:

  • Discrete and Process Manufacturing
  • Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) for Collections Management
  • MRP and Warehouse Management
  • RF Devices for Material Handling
  • Rapid template-based implementations
  • Global deployments
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