The hospitality industry is a critical component in attracting tourism and business visitors.  The industry has to manage challenges arising from guest profiling, social media, demanding clientele and rising costs.

At the heart of any hospitality company are the employees who are the face of the company.  Typically 24x7, hospitality companies must run like clock-work.  With hundreds of employees, Time & Attendance becomes a huge challenge – Any inaccuracy could cost the employer dearly in incorrect payroll calculations.

Enter Sierra’s iris recognition for eyeLock – By using eyeLock integrated with any payroll solution, Time & Attendance becomes a non-event:

  • Identification in-motion and at-a-distance; No touch
  • Fast throughout
  • Accuracy of 1-in-2 trillion
  • Combined with Physical Access Control
  • Does away with RFID cards, Access Codes and Smudgy Fingerprints
  • No routine maintenance required
  • Can be used in-conjunction as a blacklisting tool
  • Cross Industry Application: Defense, Manufacturing, Hospitals, Construction Sites, etc
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