Private Cloud

With Sierra’s private cloud solution specifically for SAP, companies can focus on running their business, not running IT. Sierra will offer a complete delivery packaged to allow a quicker deployment including Infrastructure & Telecommunications, Security, SAP solution deployment and on-going enhancements with support.

Each deployment model is tailored to fit the customer’s needs which can factor in locality, regulatory & statutory compliance, localization, client internal competence and language amongst others. Systems can be located on-premise or centrally located but either being managed by Sierra.

Our private cloud solution for SAP offers clients the opportunity to reduce both operational and capital expenses into a cost-friendly solution which will help enable greater technology and business performance without limitations in future extensibility or scalability.

Managed Cloud as a Service (MCaaS)

Bringing the Community Cloud to reality, Sierra leverages on MCaaS to bring same industry companies together onto a single platform to reduce overheads and a big-win with a quicker deployment.

Each customer on our MCaaS platform can be assured that data is secure while the processes that make their company unique will be delivered without impacting the other tenants of the platform.

This “Community” approach ultimately brings all the benefits of the Private Cloud plus further savings in upfront investment and future system enhancements – Pooling resources and reducing costs!

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