Sierra Accelerators for SAP Healthcare

sierra healthcare
Major healthcare implementations are complex in nature owing to:
Long implementation times
Requires expert knowledge that can take many years to acquire
Healthcare professionals do not have spare time to dedicate to the business blueprint analysis
A Sierra Accelerator is a development or configuration that can be reused to deliver the solution faster, in line with industry standards. These accelerators were developed from our experience in many projects, in many countries. The main business objectives of the accelerators are to:
Reduce the cost of implementation
Reduce the time to go live
Deliver international standards
Improve ROI for the project

sierra sap accelerator
•         Patient Management Functions
•         Patient Accounting and Billing
•         Hospital Logistics (including Pharmacy)
•         Day Hospital Treatment management (including Chemotherapy, Dialysis, Rehabilitation)
•         Chemotherapy
•         Clinical Documentation (PMD)
•         Task Management and Workflow
•         Patient History
•         Outpatient Summary
•         Surgery
•         Nursing Processes
•         Blood Bank
•         CSSD (Central Sterilized Supplies Department)
•         Biometric Signature
•         Mobility Solutions (add-ons to SAP Unwired EMR)
•         MCI Interfaces (including LIS, RIS-PACS, Pharmacy Robots, Medical devices, etc.)
An accelerator will consist of:
Software Solutions
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