Craftsman Automation uses Eyelock for Physical Access Control and Time & Attendance

23 Jul,2014

Craftsman Automation, a company renowned as a leading engineering firm engaged in the manufactuing of precision components, as well as in the design, development and production of world class engineering products, successfuly deployed 30 units of the Eyelock Nano across it's facility in Coimbatore India.

The Eyelock Nano iris recognition solution was deployed for physical access control as well as for time & attendance with integration to the existing payroll system.

Iris recognition replaced fingerprint scanners that were found to be hard to use and had issues with recognition.  Wth the Eyelock Nano, recognition and authentication is convenient, touchless and fast.

Sierra delivered the project complete with the provisioning and deployment of the Eyelock devices including integration and project management services.

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